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Is sex after birth possible?

Is sex after birth possible? If yes, how soon can you do it? Will it affect the sex drive of a woman? What are the things you have to avoid in lovemaking during the first several months after childbirth?


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There are different sexual implications associated with childbirth, which include physical considerations and psychological factors. Following childbirth, sex is usually the last thing on the mind of a woman since her body still needs some time to recover. Whether the delivery is via a natural vaginal birth or C-section, it is often necessary to engage in sexual abstinence for 6 weeks to allow the closing of the cervix, healing of the internal tears, dissolving of stitches, and ending of post-natal bleeding.

Each woman differs as to when she is ready, or even feels the desire to engage in sex again.  There are women who need several months, while others will start to feel ready for making love again in just a matter of weeks. In case you are not sure whether you can resume sex or not, always ask your doctor for advice.

Several weeks following the delivery, a woman’s vagina discharges lochia, a combination of mucus, residual blood, and tissue coming from the uterus. With the slowing down of bleeding and progressing of healing, this discharge will gradually turn into watery pink, brown, and finally, yellowish white. In general, lochia discharge lasts for 2 up to 6 weeks. If a baby passed through the vagina, it can lead to tearing of delicate tissues, and lead to vaginal soreness. Although it might not happen, the perineal area could still feel a bit sensitive and bruised for quite some time.  As for births that involve surgery, women must be very careful in keeping their stitches free from risks of infection or reopening. Some women also need to delay resuming sex longer due to issues with their wounds.

When a new mother is breastfeeding, her vagina also tends to be sensitive. Hormone fluctuations during breastfeeding could suppress her sex drive coupled with other factors such as fatigue and tiredness. Men usually feel very frustrated if they have been waiting to engage in sexual intercourse. Therefore, a couple has to be careful in treading back to their sexual routine. They have to start slow with longer intimacy and foreplay. 

Hormonal worries and changes can also cause some women to suffer from vaginal dryness during the initial 3 months following childbirth. This vaginal dryness is treatable with the use of over the counter medications. There are also condoms with built in lubricant that are also equally effective.

Kegel exercises are also a great way for the vaginal muscles to return to their original shape and regain muscle tone for a woman to feel aroused again. Such exercises are done through tightening of Puboccoygeus muscles which regulate urine flow and also effects the intensity of a woman’s orgasm and are best recommended for those women who are still recovering from their pregnancy.

Take a look at Harvard’s Medical step by step guide for performing Kegels.

Even though having a new baby is a blessing, the effort and time required to take of them can prevent most couples from having more intimate moments with each other. It is not always easy to balance your child’s needs with your urges but you can do it when both you and your partner will be willing enough to make some effort.


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